Diary May 6, 1918

British trench raid equipment
British trench raid equipment: hobnailed cudgel, No2 Mk I grenade, bullet-proof vest, Mills grenade, Webley revolver.
World War One Diary for Monday, May 6, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Salonika: British coy trench raid (81 casualties) west of Lake Doiran uses body shields, blows up pillbox (night May 6-7).

Western Front

Flanders: Germans raid French positions south of Locre.
Aisne: 3 British divisions enter line to ‘rest’ (until May 15).

Eastern Front

Southern Russia: Hoffmann diary ‘… OHL and Eichhorn are … driving the Ukraine back into the arms of Great Russia’. Russian ships shell German troops in Mariupol on Sea of Azov, General Haller’s Poles fight Germans at Kaniow. Denisov’s Anti-Soviet Cossacks capture Novocherkassk (reinforced by Drozdovski’s 900 Whites on May B), call Krug (Assem­bly) for the Salvation of the Don on May 11.

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