Diary December 30, 1914

French position in  Flanders
A French position in Flanders between Boesinghe and Lizerne.
War Diary World War One for Wednesday, December 30, 1914:

Western Front

Flanders: Allies consolidate positions at Ypres.
Champagne: French 33rd Division captures 300 yards (0.27 km) of German trenches, but 34th Division pinned by German artillery, weather worsening.

Eastern Front

Poland: German rearguard actions at Bolimow and Inovlodz; 100,000 casualties since December 7, guns down to 10 rounds per day.

Middle East

ArmeniaSarikamish: 15th Turkestan Regiment gets within 1000 yards (0.91 km) of Bardiz Pass until next day and Colonel Dovgirt (17th and 18th Turkestan Regiments) captures Yayla Bardiz, 3 miles (ca. 5 km) from Turk base village. Bergmann agrees to halt Russian 39th Division at frontier for Yudenich who sees chance of surrounding the Turkish troops.

Secret War

Grand Duke Nicholas suggests to British Military Mission expedition against Turks to ease Russia’s situation in Armenia.

Air War

France: German bombing raid on Dunkirk; 47 civilian casualties.

Home Fronts

Britain: New Armies to be organized into 6 of 3 corps each.
France: Tax on all incomes over 3,000 Fr raised from 10% to 90%.

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