Diary January 13, 1915

Russian troops receive supplies of ammunition
Russian troops receive supplies of ammunition. Although numerically strong, the Russian Army was short of many basic military necessities.
War Diary World War One for Wednesday, January 13, 1915:

Eastern Front

Poland: Russians advance on Lower Vistula until January 16, occupy Serpets north of Plotsk.

Western Front

Aisne: Germans storm Hills 132 and 159 with Vregny heights; French retreating across river until next day.

Home Fronts

Britain: British War Council together with Field Marshal French decide to prepare a naval attack against the Dardanelles in February and asking for French support on January 18.
BEF VC and DSO Buckingham Palace investiture.

Air War

Britain: Abortive German Navy airship raid on East Coast in night of 13-14 January; adverse weather and mechanical problems.

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