Diary January 22, 1915

battle in the air 1914-15
The battle in the air in the first months of the war 1914-15. A short time later, the rapid development of aircraft replaces the pistols and rifles by fire bursts of machine guns.
War Diary World War One for Friday, January 22, 1915:

Air War

Occupied Belgium: RNAS drops 27 bombs on Zeebrugge U-boat base.
France: 12 German BAG aircraft bomb Dunkirk, but RFC 4 Squadron shoot down 1 Albatros B type with rifle fire.

Western Front

Argonne: Heavy fighting at Fontaine Madame and St Hubert.

Middle East

Syria: Cruiser HMS Doris gives food to Ruad Islanders, landing party cuts telegraph line at Alexandretta on January 25.

African Fronts

East Africa: Kitchener forbids offensive operations, coast area evacuation begins on January 29.

Home Fronts

Britain: Heavy snow in London.
Germany: Kölnische Zeitung publishes Russian atrocity story.

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