Diary January 23, 1915

British soldiers improvising grenades
British soldiers improvising grenades before the Mills bomb is ready for action, using tin cans filled with gun cotton, scrap and a basic fuse.
War Diary World War One for Saturday, January 23, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: Mills submits grenade proposal, in production from June and perfects by Mk II by August.

Western Front

Flanders: Slight Allied advance near Nieuport.
Aisne: ­Germans bombard Berry-au­-Bac.
Argonne and Alsace: ­Skirmishing.

Eastern Front

Falkenhayn finally gives Hindenburg 4 reserve corps.
Carpathians­: Austrian Third Army Winter Offensive (175,000 men in 20 divisions) to relieve Przemysl. Temperatures are 0° to -20° F.

African Fronts

South Africa: General Botha sails for Southwest Africa.
East Africa: ­Recruiting appeal for 500 more European volunteers fails.
Nyasaland Rising until February 3: US­-educated John Chilembwe kills 3 whites on Dr Livingstone‘s grandson’s estate; 140 British quell, 20 hanged, 400 imprisoned.

Air War

France: BAO again raid Dunkirk (1 aircraft failed to return), drop 123 bombs (night 28/29).
Egypt: British reconnaissance aircraft (1 of 6 for Suez Canal defense) locates main Turk column advancing on the Suez Canal.

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