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Diary January 29, 1940

 Russian pilot in front of his Tupolev SB-2 bomber.
Russian pilot in front of his Tupolev SB-2 bomber.
Monday, January 29, 1940


Winter War: Battle of Kuhmo begins. Finns encircle Russian 54th Division at Kuhmo, in the ‘Waist’.
Heavy Russian air raids on Finnish ports.


Russia – Note to Sweden: USSR willing to negotiate peace agreement with Finnish government.

Sea War

North Sea: German Heinkel He 111 aircraft attack British merchant ships (two sunk) and two lightships, between Shetlands and Kent. East Dudgeon lightship bombed, seven of eight-man crew die.

Home Fronts

France: Premier Daladier delivers a stirring broadcast speech: ‘Germany hopes to encompass our downfall by exploiting weakness at home …’

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