Diary January 29, 1915

Erwin Rommel as young officer
Erwin Rommel as young officer in World War One.
War Diary World War One for Friday, January 29, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders: British repulse attack at Culnchy near La Bassee.
BEF CoS Sir A Murray goes home, replaced by able QMG Robertson rather than French choice Wilson.
Aisne: German attempt to cross river near Solssons.
Argonne: lieutenant Rommel wins Iron Cross 1st Class by capturing 4 block­houses with his platoon and beating French battalion counter­attack.

Eastern Front

Carpathians: Heavy fighting between Dukla and Wyszkow Passes; Russians giving way to German-Austrian Südarmee.

Sea War

Irish Sea: U21 (Hersing) shells Barrow-in-Furness and sinks 4 (3 British) merchantmen next day.

Home Fronts

Britain: Lloyd George to Churchill: ‘Are we really bound to hand over the ordering of our troops to France as if we were her vassal ?’

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