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Diary January 5, 1915

Daimler-Foster Artillery tractor
The Daimler-Foster Artillery tractor is the starting point for the idea of an armored vehicle with chains wheels.
War Diary World War One for Tuesday, January 5, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill begs Prime Minister to approve prototype of armored steam tractor.

Western Front

Foch made C-in-C Allied Northern Army Group. Dubail heads French Eastern Army Group.
Argonne: French attack near Courtechasse after mining 600 yards (0.55 km) of German trench.
Alsace: French advancing north of Altkirch capturing woods until next day.

Eastern Front

Archduke Frederick speaks to Kaiser Francis Joseph: ‘an attack by Italy or Romania would place the Monarchy in a militarily untenable position … makes … imperative … the earliest possible … victory over Russia’.

Middle East

Persia: Russian general Chernozubov evacuates Tabriz. Turks occupy it on January 8.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Colonel Mayer’s French troops at Edea and Kopongo repulse 500 Germans.
Southwest Africa: South Africans occupy Schuit Drift on river Orange and Raman’s Drift one week later.


Italy: Italian Navy CNS Revel war appreciation study argues reliance on torpedoes and mines against Austrians before Fleet action.

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