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Diary January 6, 1945

Kamikaze pilot is crashing into the US escort carrier
In the Lingayen Gulf (Luzon, Philippines) a Japanese Kamikaze pilot is crashing into the US escort carrier ‘Natoma Bay’.

War Diary WW2 for Saturday, January 6, 1945:

Air War

Pacific: Kamikaze planes damage battleships USS California, New Mexico and 14 other warships; minesweeper sunk (total 608 casualties).
Germany: 561 RAF bombers attacking Hanover and dropping 2,365 t of bombs.
149 USAAF bombers attacking Kalk, Cologne and dropping 1,092 t of bombs.


Churchill informs Stalin that position on Western Front is very grave and asks: ‘Can we count on a major Russian offensive on the Vistula front … ?’

Sea War

Indian Ocean: 6 remaining German U-boats begin returning home.

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