Diary January 7, 1915

Landwehr private dressed for cold weather
A German Landwehr private dressed for the cold weather.
War Diary World War One for Thursday, January 7, 1915:

Western Front

Meuse-Argonne: German reverses in Argonne and near Verdun.
Alsace: French take Burnhaupt-le-Haut, but lose it next day.

Eastern Front

Poland: Heavy German attacks on lower Ravka on Russian Christmas Day repulsed.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Royal Navy 28-man mine and torpedo detachment from Malta joins Commander H Cardale at Belgrade, they complete blocking of river Sava and add to river defenses of Belgrade.

Middle East

Armenia: Battle of Kara Urgan (until January 15) between Turkish XI Corps and Yudenich, who outflank it from north between January 10-15.
India – Northwest Frontier­: Captain Jothan of North Waziristan Militia ambushed by 1,500 Khostwals warriors, wins posthumous Victoria Cross.

Air War

Italy: Corpo Aeronautico Militare (Military Air Service) established with a few Bleriot and Nieuport planes.

Supremacy 1914

Home Fronts

France: Absinthe sale prohibited or new liquor stores.
Russia: ­Bolshevik Petrograd ‘Military Group’ issues leaflet to soldiers, workers and peasants urging non-payment of rents by end of month.

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