Diary January 8, 1915

Allied propaganda horror stories
The cut-off hands is one of the horror stories that lacks any real background, but was in use for a long time by the Allied propaganda.
War Diary World War One for Friday, January 8, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: The Times publishes prelimi­nary report on alleged German atrocities in France.
Tea export ban lifted.
France: Report on alleged Bavarian Vosges atrocities.

Western Front

Aisne – Battle of Soissons (­until January 14): after 110-gun shelling for 90 minutes Maunoury storms Hills 132 and 138 by January 10.
Champagne – Second Battle of Perthes: French 34th Division captures village, repulses counter-attack on next day and advances north on January 10.

Eastern Front

Germany: Kaiser overrides Falkenhayn, orders forming of Südarmee (Linsingen’s 3 German divisions plus Austrians = c. 48,000 men) to support Austrian troops.

Middle East

Britain: Kitchener backs Dardanelles attack but offers no troops.

African Fronts

Lake Victoria: British troops occupy Shirati and organize flotilla.

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