Diary November 14, 1939

Dyle Plan
Dyle Plan: The Allies had an illfounded faith in their Maginot Line – still incomplete – which stretched only to the Belgian border. The threat of a German attack through Belgium, comparable to the Schlieffen Plan of 1914, was to be met through the Dyle Plan. This strategy called for blocking any advance between the Ardennes and Calais by a swift deployment of troops into Belgium from the vicinity of Sedan.
War Diary for Tuesday, November 14, 1939:

Western Front

‘Plan D’ (the ‘Dyle Plan‘) adopted by French and British High Commands after secret, inconclusive discussions with the Belgians. A German invasion of Belgium to be countered by an immediate Anglo-French advance to the ‘Meuse-Antwerp Line’, South and East of Brussels.

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