Diary November 26, 1914

German Minenwerfer
The smallest German mortars is this 76-mm model with a weight of 220 lb, a range of 1,100 yds, 20 rpm and a crew of 6. The Germans had the edge in mortars in the early part of the war, because they were using their excellent mine-throwers from the outset. This photo with the pulling crew is from late war, of course.
War Diary for Thursday, November 26, 1914:

Western Front

Flanders: German attack on Yser canal fails. BEF forms Trench Mortar Service (‘The Suicide Club’) near Bethune, 11 men with two Crimean War 6-inch mortars, but 100 copies of German Minenwerfer supplied by Christmas.

Eastern Front

Bukovina: Austrians again evacuate Czernowitz.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian forces cross river Sava near Kolubara junction with 3 river monitors in support, but half landing force wiped out.

Middle East

Arabia: ANZAC troop convoy leaves Aden for Suez, where it arrives at November 30.

African Operations

Cameroons: Germans force 150 French, of whom 50 are casualties, back on Edea.

Sea War

North Sea: Battleship Bulwark destroyed by internal explosion while loading ammunition at Sheerness, 793 killed, only 12 survivors. An inquiry rules out sabotage on December 15.
Channel: Churchill cables C-in-C Portsmouth ‘It is desired to trap the German submarine which sinks vessels by gunfire off Le Havre. A small or moderate sized steamer should be taken up …’. First Q-ship is coaster Victoria but unservice­able and paid off by December 9. First of 7 French Q-ships, Marguerite, also introduced.

Home Fronts

Austria: Chief of Staff Conrad notes to Prime Minister against Pan-Slavic anti-Austrian tendencies in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, but Emperor rejects suggestion of military jurisdiction.
France: Poincare decorates Joffre with Medaille Militaire, latter opens GQG at Chantilly on November 29.

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