Diary November 6, 1914

German field forge
A German field forge and smithy on the Eastern Front.
War Diary of World War One for Friday, November 6, 1914:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Third Austrian offensive begins. Potiorek masses 119 battalions against 72 Serb battalions in Loznica­-Ljubovija sector of Drina front, promising ‘annihilation of exhausted’ enemy.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Battle of Goritten until November 8.
Galicia: Russians regain San line.

Western Front

Ypres: British repulse attack at Klein Zillebeke and recover ground there until next day. BEF 8th Division lands, one brigade in action on November 11. Kaiser Wilhelm visits at Menin.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: 600 British troops land at Fao after HM Sloop Odin silences the Turkish fort with 4 guns there.

African Fronts

Lake Victoria: Armed steamer Sybil wrecked.

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian squadron bombards Turk Zonguldak coal port, sinks 3 troopships.
North Sea: Damaged U-16 enters Esbjerg, Denmark, but later released. New battlecruiser Tiger joins Grand Fleet.

Home Fronts

Britain: German spy Lody shot at the Tower.
Germany: Britons of military age interned.

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