Diary October 13, 1914

British artillery battery First Battle of Ypres
British artillery battery move through the streets of a village during the First Battle of Ypres.
War Diary of World War One for Tuesday, October 13, 1914:

Western Front

Battle of Armentieres (until November 2). Allied offensive with Lieutenant B. Montgomery (1st Regiment Warwicks, 4th Divisions) who is twice capturing Meteren village in III Corps 5-mile wide advance northwest of Armentieres. Montgomery is promoted to Captain and awarded DSO. British II Corps get few gains for 700 casualties and lost Givenchy.
Flanders: British occupy Ypres. Germans take Ghent and Lille. Heavy fighting at Bethune­-La Bassee. BEF GHQ moves to St Omer. French 87th and 89th Territorial divisions, which sailed from Le Havre to Dunkirk, moving inland since 9000 hours to reserve positions west of Ypres.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Germans recover Lyck.
Galicia: Battle of Chyrow (until November 2) begins in heavy rain, involves Austrian cholera-stricken Second and Third Armies against Brusilov’s Third and Eighth Armies south of Przemysl.

Sea War

North Sea: First U-boat scare on Southampton-Le Havre troop transport route. Destroyer escorts provided from November 6 on.
3 Royal Navy submarines sail from Harwich to join Russians in Baltic Sea.

Home Fronts

Belgium: Government moves from Ostend to Le Havre.
Britain: Morning Post editorial ‘The Antwerp Blunder’ blames Churchill for the fall of the city, following a press debate.

Occupied Countries

Belgium: Germans levy £20 million on Antwerp.
France: General Heinrich Military Governor of Lille.

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