Diary September 18, 1914

British infantry takes cover 1914
British infantry takes cover by a roadside.
War Diary of World War One for Friday, September 18, 1914:

Western Front

Aisne: Joffre orders Maunoury to halt at Soissons­-Bailly, pending formation of new Second Army (Castelnau) northwest of Noyon. ALLIED ADVANCE STALLS, BEF under heavy pressure at Troyan and French Fifth Army at Reims. GERMAN BOM­BARDMENT OF REIMS: Cathedral ‘intensive practice hate’ shoots (until October 1918).

Eastern Front

Hindenburg C-in-C German armies on the Eastern Front. Ludendorff meets Conrad (Austrian Chief of Staff) after Falkenhayn orders Hindenburg to help Austrians the day before.

Far East

Tsingtao: ­Japanese land unopposed at Laoshan Bay 30 miles (ca. 48 km) east of the port.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: 1,824 South African troops (Colonel Beves) occupy evacuated Lüderitz Bay port.

Sea War

Adriatic: French Naval (Grellier) Mission lands c. 140 men with 6 guns at Antivari, Montenegro.

Home Fronts

Britain: Parliament prorogued after postwar Irish Home Rule bill receives royal assent. Asquith recruiting speech in Edinburgh (following in Dublin on September 25).
France­: Education Minister asks all teachers to keep local war records.

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