Diary September 6, 1914

Panorama of the Battle of the Marne
Panorama painting of the Battle of the Marne: the BEF – in three wedges in the center – can be seen advancing through the gap between Kluck’s and Bülow’s armies.
War Diary of World War One for Sunday, September 6, 1914:

Western Front

Marne: Kluck orders 2 of his 4 corps advancing southeast of Paris to force march to aid IV Reserve Corps. On the opposite side acts Lieutenant Juin, future marshal, with a Moroccan brigade. Later Kluck recalls the other two corps thus opening a 30-mile gap between his army and Bülow’s into which BEF and French Fifth Army advance. Germans reach Provins, 8 miles (ca. 13 km) from Seine, southern­most point. Foch battles to hold Marshes of St Gond against Bülow and Hausen until next day; Villeneuve changes hands 3 times.
Lorraine: German Seventh Army disbanded, one corps sent west to river Ourcq, 2 put under Sixth Army. French 72nd Reserve Division from Verdun sorties to effect.
Alsace: French Belfort Gap covering troops link with 58th Division at Thann, occupy 3 villages on September 9, but retreat to frontier after General Gade’s attack on September 11, return to occupy Dannemarie on September 18 for duration.

Eastern Front

Poland: Dankl’s center broken at Krasnostav on river Vyeprj south of Lublin.
Galicia: Battle of Grodek southwest of Lemberg until September 12: Brusilov against Austrians whose Second Army panics after vain attacks from south. Austrians dig trenches.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbs make 2 barge night crossings (from 0100 hours) of the river Sava east of Mitrovica and at Kupinovo loop into Serb­-populated Syrmia.
Hungary: ­Krauss’ Austrians capture 5,000 men of Serbian 1 st Timok Division trying to recross river Sava (pontoon bridge never finished), but Serbs at Kupinovo make firm bridgehead against Landsturm, capturing 2 villages.

African Fronts

Cameroons:220 British (62 escape) beaten by 500 Germans (126 casualties) who take 2 guns and 5 MGs at Nsanakang. French from Gabon also beaten at Mibang.
East Africa: 200 Germans beaten near Tsavo; Indian troops first time engaged.


Turkey: Zimmermann cables Con­stantinople Ambassador Wangenheim to ‘… incite unrest in Arabia, North Africa and Persian Gulf’.
Turkish Third Army in Armenia informed that Armenians contacting Russians. Government sends coded circular to Armenian­-populated provinces requiring leaders’ supervision.

Home Fronts

Germany: Kaiser’s proclamation to French people drafted ready for Joffre’s anticipated armistice request.
Belgium: Lieutenant-general Deguise made Governor of Antwerp. Tilbury­-Antwerp refugee boat service begins.

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