Diary September 6, 1939

Air attack on the Polish railway station of Kutno
Air attack on the Polish railway station of Kutno on this day, pictured from one of the German Do 17 bombers.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 6, 1939:


Panzers take Tomaszow and Kielce, south-west of Warsaw and outflanking two Polish armies. Germans announce capture of Cracow.
Hitler visits General Guderian‘s XIX Panzer Corps on North-East front. Polish Government leaves Warsaw for Lublin.

Air War

Two RAF Spitfire fighters shoot down 2 Hurricane fighters in error (‘Battle of Barking Creek‘).

Sea War

Royal Navy Northern Patrol formed (8 cruisers). First British East Coast convoy sails.
Germany’s largest liner, Bremen (52,000 t) arrives at Murmansk (Northern Russia), from New York.


Spain declares her neutrality.

Home Fronts

France: 72-hour working week introduced in munitions industry.

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