Diary August 21, 1914

A German armored car attacks Belgian soldiers during street fighting in Charleroi.
A German armored car attacks Belgian soldiers during street fighting in Charleroi.

World War One Diary for Friday, August 21, 1914:

Belgium: BATTLE OF CHARLEROI (until August 23) along river Sambre. Bülow forces river and smash 6 French divisions counterattacks next day and driving them 8 miles (ca. 13 km) south of it (on August 23), but Fifth Army (Lanrezac) escapes from German Sedan-style 1870 envelopment. Von Kluck, Bülow and Hausen thwarted by the quick maneuvering of Lanrezac and Sir J. French. Nevertheless, former severely criticized in France.
German heavy bombardment of Namur begins at 1000 hours.
BATTLE OF THE ARDENNES (until August 23) begins with 10-15 mile multi-columned French advance into hilly forested region despite afternoon rain.

Galicia: Austro­-Russian cavalry battle at Jaroslawice (2,500 horsemen in 4 charges) which Russian 10th Division win (during eclipse of sun).

Serbia: Serb 2nd Morava Division reoccupies Krupanj.

Turkey: Churchill ‘violently anti-Turk’ in Cabinet meeting at London. Turkish battleship crews from Tyne back at Constantinople. Another 28 German officers arrive.

South Africa: German patrols enters across river Orange.

Pacific: French cruiser Dupleix captures 2 of Spee’s allocated supply ships. 2 Japanese cruisers sail to join Royal Navy squadron at Singapore.

Peru: The government declares neutrality.

Britain: 6 new Army Divisions authorized.

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