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Diary April 10, 1940

First battle of Narvik
Picture from the First battle of Narvik. In the foreground German destroyers ‘Hans Luedemann’ and ‘Hermann Kuehne’ as they were engaging British destroyers at the port entrance. In the background burning and sunken transport ships.
Diary for Wednesday, April 10, 1940:

Sea War

FIRST BATTLE OF NARVIK. 5 British destroyers engage 10 German destroyers and shore batteries in Ofot Fjord, west of Narvik. Destroyers Hardy, Hunter (British), Wilhelm Heidkamp and Anton Schmitt (German) lost. Captain Warburton-Lee (OC British destroyers) and Commodore Bonte (OC German destroyers) killed. Eight German merchant ships and ammunition carrier Rauenfels, also sunk.
British sub Thistle sunk by German sub U 4 off Stavanger.

Air War

15 Blackburn Skua dive-bombers of British Fleet Air Arm sank cruiser Königsberg at Bergen, first major warship to be sunk by dive-bombing.
German aircraft (4 lost) raid Scapa Flow.


Iceland: Icelandic Parliament (the Althing) severs constitutional links with Denmark and declares that Icelandic government will conduct its own affairs.

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