Diary April 10, 1915

Austr-Hungarian soldiers man the firestep
Austro-Hungarian soldiers man the fire step of a trench on the Eastern Front.
Diary for Saturday, April 10, 1915:

Eastern Front

Carpathians: Ivanov halts offensive in spring thaw but continues southwest of Rostoki Pass until April 16 where counter-attacks repulsed on April 18-19. Russians take Height 1002 on April 21.
Austrian CoS Conrad to Emperor’s military cabinet head: ‘I cannot at all express how distasteful is the infiltration with German troops, but the heart has to follow the head’.

Western Front

Meuse: French advance in Bois de Montmare (Woevre), but repulsed near Maizeray on April 13.

Southern Fronts

Albania: Albanian rebels shell Italian­-held Durazzo (and on April 16).

Middle East

Dardanelles: Hamilton decides on maximum Gallipoli landings. Main troop convoy assembly (April 15-22).

African Fronts

Cameroons: 1,600 Allied soldiers in preliminary advance on Yaunde, take river Kele bridges on April 14.

Sea War

High Seas Fleet U-boats ordered not to force Dover Straits due to nets and minefields (until December 1916).


France: Government recognizes Russian claims to Constantinople.

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