Diary April 12, 1916

Lusitania medal
The Lusitania medal struck by a German craftsman. It was intended as a satire on the Anglo-American cupidity which allowed the ship to sail despite German warnings, but the British reproduced it in large quantities as proof that the Germans was exulting over the death of passengers.
One side (left) shows ‘The great steamer Lusitania sunk by German U-boat, 7th May 1915 – No contraband !’. The other side of the medal shows Death selling tickets in the Cunard office under the motto ‘Business before everything’.
Diary for Wednesday, April 12, 1916:


Britain: German Lusitania medal published in Britain; photos sent to US, published 7 May, propaganda replica later sold for duration.
Germany: Government replies to US Sussex note, will submit the case to mixed tribunal.

Western Front

Flanders: German attack on British trenches on Ypres­-Pilkem road.

Southern Fronts

Trentino, west of lake Garda: Italian 5th Division attacks towards Mt Fuma in Adamello Range at over 10,000ft in a blizzard, gains objective on April 17 after Alpini battalion storms Alba­-Poson di Genova ridge.

Middle East

Turkey: Stotzingen’s German 8-man mission reaches Damascus.
Mesopotamia: British 3rd Division gains c.1 mile on south bank for 400 casualties, floods affect both sides on north bank.
East Persia: General Dyer‘s 200 men defeat 2,000 Sarhad tribesmen and secure submission (until April 30).

African Fronts

South Algeria: 500 French soldiers retake Djanet border post but Senussi escape (until April 16).

Sea War

Mediterranean: Allied navies under Admiral Gueydon (including 6 French destroyers, 24 Royal Navy drifters) convoy 125,000 Serb troops from Corfu to Salonika (until May 31).

Air War

Britain – Lord Montagu warns in speech at Birmingham: ‘There is no part of industrial England to which a Zeppelin cannot fly and rain destruction’. He demands end to ‘inters­ervice and inter-departmental jealousies’ and a Ministry of Aviation to galvanize aircraft production as Ministry of Munitions has transformed shell and gun deliveries.


Mexico: Carranza troops attack US cavalry entering Parral, 400 miles south of frontier. Carranza demands US pull-out.

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