Diary April 13, 1941

night attack on Tobruk
German armoured cars in a night attack on Tobruk.
Diary for Sunday, April 13, 1941:

North Africa

FIRST SIEGE OF TOBRUK begins (until December 17, 1941): Australian 9th Divison (General Morshead) repels Rommel’s Panzers (April 14, 17, 19 and 24). German and Italian aircraft carry out 437 raids April-July, dropping 350t of bombs. Germans also carry out long-range artillery barrages.

Sea War

Atlantic: Armed merchant cruiser Rajputana (16,400 t.) sunk by U-boat U-108 in Denmark Strait.


RUSSO-JAPANESE NON-AGGRESSION PACT (for 5 years) signed in Moscow.

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