Diary April 14, 1915

Stokes Mortar
The British Stokes mortar could be easily moved by its crew and finally appear in 1916 on the front.
Diary for Wednesday, April 14, 1915:

Home Fronts

Russia: Moscow Military district has sent 500,000 men to the front so far.
Britain: Stokes mortar trial successful, but turned down.

Western Front

Flanders: French General Putz obtains details of planned gas attack from Private Jager, PoW of 234th Reserve Infantry Regiment, XXVI Corps taken near Langemarck. But he and BEF commanders are mistakenly suspicious that such detailed info is a German ‘plant’.
Meuse-Argonne­: Germans claim that French are using mines emitting asphyxiating gases northwest of Verdun.

Secret War

Afghanistan: 2nd German (Hentig) Afghanistan Mission leaves Berlin.

African Fronts

East Africa: Cruiser HMS Hyacinth cripples German blockade-runner Kronborg in Manza Bay, but 1,800 rifles, 6 MGs and 2 guns salvaged to reach Lettow as British learn on June 23.

Air War

Britain: German Navy Zeppelin L9 (Mathy) drops 31 IBs at Wallsend, Northwest England (2 civilian casualties).


Britain: Colonial Secretary says Dominions will be consulted on peace terms. Japan informs British government of German peace overtures.

Occupied countries

Belgium: Belgium Red Cross suppressed.

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