Diary April 14, 1944

SU-76 near Tarnopol
Russian SU-76 self-propelled guns with 76mm guns on the chassis of the light T-70 tank in action near Tarnopol.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, April 14, 1944:

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: 1st and 2nd UFs capture Tarnopol (southeast of Lvov) and reach the Carpathians – driving massive wedge between German Army Group South and Army Group A. (April 14-17).

Home Fronts

India – Fort Stikine Disaster: ship carrying explosives and cotton bales, catches fire and explodes in Bombay Docks. 27 ships wrecked; approx. 740 killed or missing; 476 servicemen and 1,000 Indians injured. 10,000 troops and Indians move 1 million tons of rubble in 6 months.

Home Front

USSR: Death of General Nikolai F Vatutin, ex-commander of victorious 1st Ukrainian Front; shot in ambush by Ukrainian nationalists, February 29, 1944.

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