Diary April 15, 1915

Italian soldier farewell to family
The debates of the politicians ended. For thousands of Italian soldiers it meant farewell to their families and leave to the fore coming war.
Diary for Thursday, April 15, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Italy: Italian forces of Advanced Occupation facing Austrian frontier now 142,000 men in five zones.


Austria: CoS Conrad asks Foreign Minister to keep Italy at least for four weeks out of the war.

Western Front

Alsace: French progress near Lauch. German tactical withdrawal on April 19.

Eastern Front

East Prussia Frontier: Russian 1st Cavalry Division withdrawn to Grodno and Vilna for rest after 8 months campaigning with 2/3 of its men as casualties.

African Fronts

East Africa: Major-General Tighe replaces Wapshare as GOC.

Sea War

Black Sea: 3 Russian destroyers sink 4 Turk steamers.

Air War

Western Front: Vaughan and Lascelles of Royal Flying Corps in BE2 shoot down Aviatik two-seater with 24 rifle shots.
First all-BE2 Squadron (No 8) flies to France.
Britain: German airships L5 and L6 bomb Lowestoft and Maldo night April 15-16. L6 damaged by rifle fire.

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