Diary April 15, 1918

British troops take up position behind a railroad embankment
British troops take up position behind a railroad embankment during the fighting along the Lys River.
World War One Diary for Monday, April 15, 1918:

Western Front

Flanders: Alpenkorps together with 2 other divisions capture Bailleul and Wulverghem. Plumer evacuates 5 divisons from Passchendaele Ridge. Robillot’s French II Cavalry Corps (3 divisions) arrives near Cassel, 5 infantry divisions follow April 17-18.
Somme: Fierce artillery duel in Luce valley.

Middle East

Caucaus: Turk 37th Division takes Batumi after fighting since April 9 (3,000 Georgian PoWs, Enver visits on April 18).
Palestine: Wavell made Brigade-General and CoS of XX Corps.

Sea War

North Sea: 2 Royal Navy minelayers lay deep minefield 10 miles northeast of Laeso; escort destroyers Valentine and Virneira sink 10 German trawlers off Anholt island deep in Kattegat.
Adriatic: Admiral Horthy orders increased security at Pola. Allies begin to lay net barrage from Fano to Otranto (until September 30).

Air War

Britain: CAS Trenchard resigns; succeeded by Maj­or-General Sir F Sykes.

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