Diary April 15, 1943

 British submarine P.615
The British submarine ‘P.615’ was originally built for the Turkish Navy as ‘Uluc Ali Reis’, but was taken over by the Royal Navy on April 3, 1942.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, April 15, 1943:

Sea War

Atlantic: British submarine P.615 sunk by U-boat U 123.

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: Hitler signs operational order for Operation Zitadelle (‘Citadel’) – a ‘decisive’ spring offensive against the Kursk Salient – to begin May 3 (postponed to May 9 on April 29).

Air War

Mediterranean: ACM Tedder’s new ‘Mediterranean Air Command’ includes following formations: Middle East Command, Northwest African Air Forces (including Free French), RAF Malta, Strategic Air Force, Tactical Air Force, Coastal Air Force, (Western) Desert Air Force, 12th US Air Support Command.
Germany: 365 RAF bombers attacking Stuttgart and dropping 801t of bombs.

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