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Diary April 17, 1943

Propaganda poster in occupied France
Propaganda poster in occupied France: ‘When the Soviets win the war, Katyn is everywhere.’
World War One Diary for Saturday, April 17, 1943:

Occupied Territories

Poland: Polish Government demands Red Cross investigation of Katyn ‘Massacre’; request withdrawn April 30 under British and Soviet diplomatic pressure.

Air War

Germany: 115 B-17 Fortress bombers (16 lost) attack Focke-Wulf aircraft works at Bremen; 10 German fighters shot down. 25 RAF bombers attacking Mannheim.
Mediterranean: RAF night bombers start big fires at Catania (Sicily). Germans bomb Algiers (16 nuns killed in convent).


Germany: In attempt to curry favour with the Pope and with Spain, Hitler appoints two ‘old school’ diplomats – von Weizsaecker and Dieckhoff – as Ambassadors in the Vatican and Madrid, resp.

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