Diary July 5, 1945

Russian poster about Allied victory
United were Britain, Russia and the United States only in the fight against Hitler, like this Russian poster shows. As the common enemy was destroyed, the irreconcilable contradictions of the Alliance become visible.
Diary for Thursday, July 5, 1945:

Home Fronts

Britain: LABOUR WINS BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION. Labour, 394; Conservatives, 188; Liberals, 14; National Liberal, 13; Ulster Unionists, 9; Communists, 2; Others, 20. Results announced on July 26.
Australia: Death of John Curtin, Prime Minister since 1941; aged 60. Mr Chifley takes over, July 13.


Poland: Britain and USA recognize Polish Provisional Government.

Sea War

Operation Collie: East Indies Fleet clears mines from west coast of Malaya, prior to Operation Zipper and bombards Japanese bases in Nicobar Islands and Sumatra (July 5-11).

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