Diary July 5, 1940

A German U-boat in a French Atlantic port.
A German U-boat in a French Atlantic port.
Diary for Friday, July 5, 1940:

Sea War

Atlantic: Destroyer Whirlwind sunk by U-boat U 34 southwest of Ireland. Vichy-French warships and submarines capture three British merchant ships in reprisal for Mers-el-Kebir attack. U 30 enters new U-boat base at Lorient.

Air War

RAF daylight raids on shipping off Dutch coast and Waalhaven airfield; night raids on Kiel and Wilhelmshaven.
Vichy-French aircraft make unsuccessful reprisal raid on shipping at Gibraltar.


Vichy-France breaks off relations with Britain.
Swedish-German Railways Agreement: Germany obtains permission to utilize Swedish railways for the transport of war supplies and troops ‘on leave’ to and from Norway (vigorous British and Norwegian protests, July 8 and 17).

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