Diary April 20, 1916

killed American pilot
The American pilot Lieutenant Roosevelt beside the fragments of his downed aircraft.
Diary for Thursday, April 20, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: American volunteer fighter unit N124 Escadrille Americaine formally incorporated in French Aeronautique Militaire. Based at Luxeuil-les­-Bains (Haute Saone) 16 of its 42 pilots will die in action.

Western Front

France: First 8,000 Russian troops land at Marseilles.

Eastern Front

Russian general Brusilov orders his four Army commanders to prepare for offensive by May 11 without reserves.

Sea War

Irish Sea: German disguised runner Aud (loaded with guns for the Irish rebels) scuttles after capture by sloop Bluebell. Roger Casement (former British colonial civil diplomat) lands from German U-boat U19 in Tralee Bay.


France: First 8,000 Russian troops land at Marseilles (Austrians knew it around May 9 from PoW postcards).


Greece: German RM 40 millions loan.

Home Fronts

Ireland: Casement lands from U-boat at Tralee, Co Kerry (arrested April 21).
Britain: Asquith tells Commons manpower proposals to be submitted to secret session. General Wilson to Lord Milner: ‘If ever a man deserved to be tried and shot that man is the Prime Minister’.
France: Food and coal prices fixed plus commodities (done until April 22).

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