Diary April 23, 1916

German 21-cm mortar in a captured French position
German 21-cm mortar in a captured French position at Verdun.
Diary for Sunday, April 23, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: German gains at Caurettes Wood.

Middle East

Sinai: 3,655 Turks (Kress) destroy Yeomanry posts at Oghralina and Katia, take 280 PoWs, but fail at Dueidar, 12 miles east
of Kantara. British reoccupy Katia on April 25.
Mesopotamia, Kut: Townshend suggests to Lake that surrender talks begin, latter says Townshend must negotiate.

Air War

Occupied Belgium: 8 Royal Navy Air Service aircraft first bomb German Mariakerke airfield west of Ostend (12 bombers repeat April 24).
Western Front: Lieutenant Ward and Second Lieutenant Champion (captured February 29, 1916) report to Royal Flying Corps Headquarter having escaped from Germany on April 18.
Sinai: 8 Royal Flying Corps aircraft fly 4,000 miles and for 68 hours (until April 25) to drop 96 bombs on Turks.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Djemal Pasha‘s punishment of 200 Syrian notables announced.

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