Diary April 25, 1919

Red armoured train
A Red armoured train on the southern front.
World War One Diary for Friday, April 25, 1919:

France – Peace Process: First German delegates arrive at Versailles (80 by April 28). Foch addresses Clemenceau and Cabinet on Rhine frontier not having been shown draft Treaty. Chinese Shantung Province proposals presented to Japan.
Baltic States: Admiral Cowan sails with cruiser Caledon and 2 destroyers from Libau after Red Fleet reported at sea.
North Russia: 3rd North Russian Rifle Regiment of the Whites mutinies vs officers, murders 7 and fights British; 300 desert to Reds.
South Russia: ­Red Army enters Sevastopol, but Whites hold Kerch Isthmus (East Crimea) with Royal Navy help (scuttle 14 Russian submarines off Sevastopol on April 26).
Britain: ­Anzac Day march through London. 379,799 ex-service­men and 474,613 women on out­-of-work donation.

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