Diary April 26, 1916

O'Connell Street in Dublin   after the British bombardment
O’Connell Street with the destroyed Liberty Hall in Dublin after the British bombardment. The Irish rebells imagined first the British would not shell their own property.
Diary for Wednesday, April 26, 1916:

Sea War

Irish Sea: British gunboat Helga destroys Liberty Hall, Dublin during Easter Rising.

Middle East

Mesopotamia, Kut: After Kitchener cable authorizes talks, Townshend letter asks for 6-day armistice and 10 days food while surrender agreed. Garrison starts destroying anything of value.

Air War

Eastern Front: Zeppelin SL7 raids Dünamunde (Wenden on April 28) and German planes Dvinsk (Zeppelin LZ86 raids its railways on April 28 and Rieshiza on April 27).


Sykes-Picot Agreements for Franco-Russian partition of Asia Minor
Germany: Anglo-German PoW exchange via Switzerland signed in Berlin (signed in London on May 13).

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