Diary April 26, 1943

Churchill tank shows off its hill climbing ability
A Churchill tank shows off its hill climbing ability to surprised Germans during the attack on Longstop Hill.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, April 26, 1943:


Tunisia: British 1st Army captures Longstop Hill and Djebel Bou Aoukaz.

Air War

Germany: 557 RAF bombers despatched to Duisburg, but vast majority miss target.

Sea War

Indian Ocean: U-boat U-180 meets Japanese submarine I-29 near Mauritius and transfers Subhas Chandra Bose, pro-Axis Indian nationalist en route from Berlin to Penang (Malaya).


USSR: Government breaks off diplomatic relations with Polish Government-in-exile, following latter’s request for Red Cross inquiry into Katyn Massacres.

Home Fronts

India: President Roosevelt’s personal representative complains that Viceroy has refused him permission to see imprisoned Gandhi. Moslem League Conference demands creation of ‘Pakistan’ as only means of preventing bloodshed.

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