Diary April 27, 1945

new defensive position in Berlin
German soldiers prepare an only slightly damaged tank for a new defensive position in Berlin.
Diary for Friday, April 27, 1945:

Russian Front

Battle of Berlin: Russians capture suburbs of Potsdam, Spandau and Rathenow; central districts of Neuköln and Tempelhof.

Western Front

Bremen captured by British forces.


Allies enter Genoa.


Item Pocket eliminated. Japanese defy US tanks and armored flame­ throwers in Maeda sector.

Sea War

26th Indian Divisions embarks at Akyab and Kyaukpyu for Operation Dracula (assault on Rangoon). East Indies Fleet leaves Trincomalee to carry out neutralizing attacks on Japanese bases in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Home Fronts

Britain: Mrs. Tate and Parliamentary delegation publish the horrific description of Konzentrationslager Buchenwald.

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  1. Banchero Giuseppe

    The allies had freed some quarters of Genoa as early as 26, but the suburbs of Sampierdarena were freed on April 27. Via Sampierdarena was held under fire by a German machine gun placed under the Lantern and the Americans had to arrive with a tank (Sherman?) To make the Germans surrender.This is what my mother told me about the liberation of Genoa.

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