Diary April 28, 1915

British pier at Cape Helles
A Turkish shell explodes close to one of the piers used by the British to land troops and supplies at Cape Helles on the tip of the Gallipoli Peninsula.
Diary for Wednesday, April 28, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli – First Battle of Krithia: 14,000 Allies advance 2 miles (3,000 casualties). Anzac troops: 2 Royal Marines battalions to reinforce.
Yemen­: British treaty with Chief Idrisi against Turks.

Western Front

Flanders: German guns near Dixmude shelling Dunkirk.
Champagne: Germans storm French position at Les Mesnils.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Botha resumes advance.
Southern Tripolitania: Senussi rout Colonel Miani’s 3,750 troops, gaining 5,000 rifles, 8 guns and MGs near Sidra.

Air War

Western Front: Captain de Bernis (pilot) and Sub-Lieutenant Jacottet (observer) in Esc MS 12 Morane ‘Parasol’ shoot down an Aviatik with rifle fire, south of Reims.
Germany: French MF29 bomber unit raids Friedrichshafen.

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