Diary April 28, 1919

White troops in Russia.
White troops in Russia.
World War One Diary for Monday, April 28, 1919:

South Russia: Lieutenant-General C J Briggs Liaison Officer and Head of British Military Mission ‘Denmiss’ to Denikin (until June, Holman succeeds).
Siberia­: Khanzhin’s Western Army (Kolchak’s Whites) takes Chistopol and Sergievsk but Red Fifth Army counter-attacks, drives Whites 200 miles east by end-May.
Northwest Russia: Finn partisans attack unofficially northeast of Lake Ladoga, but forced to abandon two places, taken by Reds landed from lake behind them (until May 3).
France – Peace Process: ­5th Plenary Session approves revised League of Nations Covenant, appoints Sir J Drummond first Secretary-General; also approves International Labour Organization’s convention. Foch threatens resignation but withdraws it (Lloyd George and President Wilson agree to Petain as replacement Generalissimo).

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