Diary April 29, 1916

Indian members of the starved British garrison of Kut-el-Amara
Indian members of the starved British garrison of Kut-el-Amara after the exchange of prisoners.
Diary for Saturday, April 29, 1916:

Middle East

Mesopotamia – FALL OF KUT: 13,309 surrender including 3,248 non-combatants after 146-day siege (with 3,776 casualties). 1,136 badly wounded and 1,450 sick exchanged as agreed with Arab Bureau negotiators. Tigris Corps relief attempt losses total 23,000 men.
Persia: Baratov with 5,000 men expels Sevket Bey from Karind after 9-day march (since April 20) to aid Kut.

Home Fronts

Ireland, Easter Rising: IRB leader Pearse surrenders to Brigade-General Lowe and tells others to do likewise.

Western Front

Verdun, West bank: French gains north of Mort Homme and Cumieres.

Sea War

North Sea: Royal Navy 3rd Battle Squadron (7 ships) transferred from Grand Fleet to Thames (Sheerness) as stronger coast guard.


Allied Havre Declaration guarantees Belgian Congo’s integrity.


Mexico: ­US and Mexican generals agree withdrawal conditions (until May 3).

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