Diary April 30, 1916

Irish rebels in a British gaol
After their surrender, Irish rebels in a British gaol.
Diary for Sunday, April 30, 1916:

Home Fronts

Ireland, Easter Rising: 707 Dublin rebels surrender.
France: Building reconstruction service set up for occupied territory.

Western Front

Flanders: British artillery defeat German gas attack from Messines Ridge.
Verdun: ­German April losses 39,000; French 44,000.
From April to June French tank pioneer Colonel Estienne in command of French artillery in key Vaux­-Douaumont sector.

Southern Fronts

Trentino, west of Lake Garda: Alpini cadets capture Crozzon di Fargorida. Crozzon and Passo del Diavolo taken later and Austrians forced to evacuate Fargorida and Topete Passes. This sector secure for Italy for duration.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Kut garrison begins march into captivity (4,818 do not return). Turks kill 250 Kut civilians. Chief of British Imperial general staff cable orders defensive strategy.

African Fronts

East Africa: Belgian Northern Brigade occupies Kasibu. 3rd South African Infantry Brigade (less 1,000 of them sick) arrives at Kondoa Irangi (until May 1). 2nd Rhodesian Regiment has only left 50 men out of 600 fit.

Sea War

Aegean: 2 Royal Navy mInesweep­ers tow 14 caiques to land opposite Samos (150 irregulars involved, 2 killed), capture 1,870 cattle (night April 30 to May 1).
In April British merchant shipping losses: 43 ships with 141,193t plus 131 lives (total Allied and neutral shipping loss 187,307t incl 56,000t or 20 ships in Mediterranean).

Air War

Verdun – Count Holck killed over Verdun: his Fokker Eindecker shot down by 10 Caudrons. Richthofen comments ‘with a bullet through his head, he fell from an altitude of 9000 ft – a beautiful death’.

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