Diary April 30, 1941

captured British soldier Greece
German tank moves forward behind one of the 9,000 captured British soldiers of the rear guard on the Peloponnesos.
Diary for Wednesday, April 30, 1941:


Last British troops have left or surrender on the Peloponnesos, Greece.

Air War

Europe: RAF attack shipping off Dutch coast. Heavy night raid on Kiel; light raid on Berlin.

North Africa

Rommel’s attack on Tobruk: German and Italian forces make renewed efforts to capture Tobruk; sizeable salient driven into southwest corner of perimeter by May 4.

Sea War

Merchant shipping losses in April 1941: 88 Allied ships with 381,289 tons in the Atlantic, 107 Allied ships with 306,512 tons elsewhere.
32 Axis ships with 152,129 tons in Mediterranean.
2 U-boats sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic. 32 serviceable U-boats in the Atlantic.

British and German Campaign losses in Greece:

British Army900 1,6121,200 9,000209
German Wehrmacht 1,518 - 3,360-?

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