Diary April 7, 1915

Admiral Robeck
Vice Admiral John M. De Robeck commanded the Allied fleet off Gallipoli. After the fleet breakthrough of the Dardanelles has failed, he refuses to continue the operation without sufficient ground troops.
Diary for Wednesday, April 7, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders: 1st Canadian Division transferred to Second Army, takes over vulnerable North Ypres salient from French.

Middle East

Egypt: First units sail for Dardanelles, Hamilton sails for Lemnos next day. Skirmish northeast of Kantara.

Air War

North Sea: First successful attempt to direct naval gunfire by radio from an aircraft out of sight, RNAS from Eastchurch directs battleship HMS Revenge to score hits on Maplin Sands range.

Home Fronts

Germany: Minority Socialist manifesto against the war.
Britain: ­War Office begins machinery census for munitions work.

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