Diary April 7, 1945

Yamato under air strike
‘Yamato’ under air strike of the American carrier aircrafts. Shortly afterwards, the largest battleship of the world is sunk.
Diary for Saturday, April 7, 1945:

Sea War

Pacific – BATTLE OF EAST CHINA SEA. Yamato (2,498 killed), cruiser Yahagi and 4 destroyers sunk by TF 58 (10 planes lost).

Air War

Pacific: 107 Iwo-based P-51 Mustangs escort B-29 Superfortress to Tokyo.
Europe: First Mosquito raid on Berlin from continental base.
French para­troops dropped north of Zuider Zee (Holland).
US bombers make wide-ranging attacks on German airfields and railways.
1,300 USAAF bombers attacking Dessau.

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