Diary April 8, 1915

The right-wing Salandra who will committed Italy to her war.
Diary for Thursday, April 8, 1915:


Italy: Government demands Trentino, Dalmatian islands, Gorizia and Gardisca with primacy in Albania as Austria’s price for her neutrality, presses for reply until April 13.
Britain: Asquith establishes committee on British aims for Turkey in Asia.

Home Fronts

Turkey: ARMENIAN MASSACRES BEGIN. Up to 1 million dies until September for alleged co-operation with Russia. Men shot, women, old men and children deported to Cilicia and Syria; c. 200,000 forcibly Islamized.
Egypt: ­Attempt on Sultan’s life.
France: Croix de Guerre (War Cross) instituted. 1916 class called up to arms until April 12.

Western Front

Champagne: Germans repulsed at Beausejour.
Ypres: German poison gas cylinders ready, but weather postpones attack.
Lorraine: French anti­-militarist animal story writer Louis Pergaud killed; aged 33; at Marcheville by own artillery when west in German lines.

Sea War

Atlantic: German raiders Prinz Eitel Friedrich (sank 5 British ships) and Kronprinz Wilhelm (sank 9 British ships) interned at Newport News, Virginia (April 8 and 26 resp.).

Air War

Western Front: Future French ace Nungesser joins Voisin reconnaissance and bombing unit VB106, is shot down on April 26.
No 7 squadron joins Royal Flying Corps.

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