Diary April 9, 1916

General Philippe Petain
General Philippe Petain during the Battle of Verdun.
Diary for Sunday, April 9, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun – Germans launch major costly and mainly repulsed assault: Mort Homme forward trench line entered. Petain issues famous Order of the Day (No 94) to Verdun Army: ‘Courage, on les aura’ (‘Take courage, we’ll get them.’)

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Second Battle of Sannaiyat: 13th Division (7,354 infantry) is bombed out of Turk first line with 1,807 casualties, 3 Victoria Cross awarded. Fly-ridden and very hot days follow.

African Fronts

Sudan: Colonel Kelly occupies Abaid 90 miles west of Darfur capital El Fasher.

Oval@3x 2

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