Diary July 3, 1915

Hate propaganda in the German children's book
Hate propaganda in the German children’s book ‘The people are on …’ with drawings from Paul Simmel of 1915. Only one of the countless examples of hate propaganda on all sides.
Diary for Saturday, July 3, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders: German raid on advanced trenches on Verlorenhoek road (Ypres).
Meuse: German attacks on Calonne trench, Meuse heights.

Sea War

North Sea: Another Harwich Force abortive seaplane raid (7 Zeppelins shadow).
Dardan­elles: British sub E14 returns after 24 days in Sea of Marmara.


Haiti: 2,000 US Marines begin landing to restore order (until August 4).

Home Fronts

Egypt: American Committee of National Defense in Alexandria urge General Maxwell to invade Cilicia from Cyprus but Foreign Office objects.
Turkey: First paper money issue (seven different in all).

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