Diary August 15, 1916

 special Austrian 37mm infantry gun
In a trench on the Eastern Front, one of the special Austrian 37mm infantry guns. It could fire up to 16 shots a minute, and had range of about 600 metres.
Diary for Tuesday, August 15, 1916:

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive: Brusilov has received 26 extra divisions since June 12 (but Austro­-Germans 33 1/2, including 23 German).
Galicia: Lechitski reaches Solotwina west of Stanislau, gains heights south of Jablonitsa Pass (August 22).

Middle East

Armenia: Fighting starts south of Kigi between Turk IV Corps and new 6th Caucasus Rifle Division which drives former south of Ognot (August 18-25).

Sea War

North Sea: Royal Navy submarines E41 and E4 collide and sink on exercise (15 survivors); both boats salvaged and E41 reused.

Air War

Eastern Front: Fighter Ace Boelcke on visit to Kovel; invites Richthofen to join his new unit on the Western Front.

Oval@3x 2

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