Diary August 16, 1918

Fokker DVIII
Fokker DVIII
World War One Diary for Friday, August 16, 1918:

Air War

Western Front: 65 Allied fighters attack La Bassee fighter base. New German Fokker DVIII (EV) parasol monoplane fighter (Jasta 6) scores first victory out of 18 claimed.
Germany: First RAF raid on Darmstadt by No 55 Squadron, 3 DH4s lost to fighters.

Western Front

USA: Pershing requests return of 3 out of 5 US divisions training with BEF.
Somme: Anglo-French advance in Roye sector.

Eastern Front

USSR: Lenin tells Moscow Party that young people must be won over.
Northern Russia: Whites occupy Shenkursk, 175 miles south-south-east of Archangel.
East Siberia: ­27th US Infantry (from Philippines) lands at Vladivostok as does Japanese C-in-C General Otani. Czechs-foil Red landing attempt on Lake Khanka. Sir Charles Eliot British High Commissioner in Siberia; Regnault (ex-French Tokyo Ambassador) made Allied representative at Vladivostok (August 21).

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