Diary August 18, 1918

 13-pounder Horse Artillery
British 13-pounder Horse Artillery moves forward; it shows how robust horse-towed field guns had to be.
World War One Diary for Sunday, August 18, 1918:

Western Front

Flanders: British Second Army (671 casualties) advance between Vieux Berquin and Bailleul takes 697 PoWs including Fifth Army 5-mile advance until September 6.
Lorraine – AEF gas attack at Mervillor near Baccarat: 800 US projectors fire 12t phosgene (250 gassed, 30 killed). 2 British Second Army divisions capture Outtersteene and Hoegenacker Ridges east of Hazebrouck, Merville retaken on August 19.

Eastern Front

Volga: Over 30,000 Red troops transferred from West since July 25.
East Siberia: Cossack machine-guns repulse Red River Ussuri crossing south of Runovka. 2 more Suffolk 12-pounders back defence though Japanese refuse gun battery (August 17), but c.3,000 Allies retreat 6 miles to Syvagino by train after Cossack lines stormed on August 20.

Air War

Western Front: Current leading US ace (94th Squadron) David Putnam (12 victories) shot down and killed.

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